Branch Pickup

UPDATE:  Our last branch pick-up concluded on Monday, September 28th, 2020.   With the aid of other municipalities, the Township Road District has been cleared of storm debris. Due to the extensive damage and the amount of time spent to clear the District, our other projects were postponed. Therefore, the last branch pickup concluded September 28th.  We thank you for your understanding.  (Please visit our “leaf-pickup” program section of the website for our upcoming program beginning Monday, October 26, 2020.)

We are proud to offer Branch Pickup beginning the first Monday in April. (The program has been concluded for 2020.)  This program is designed to be a service to residents of Plainfield Township who receive road service provided by the Plainfield Township Highway Department.


  • All branches are to be placed at the road as shown in the picture above.
  • Branches are to be eight (8) inches or less in diameter.
  • Large piles may take several weeks to pick up. Our crews are limited to approximately 15 minutes per pile.
  • No leaves, grass, or yard waste will be picked up.
  • Exceptions will be made in case of severe storm damage.

Whole Tree Removal:

  • This program is not designed for residents to take down complete trees.
  • The Plainfield Township Highway Department does not have the resources to handle the volume of whole tree removal.

Please note: Not all roads within the Township are under the jurisdiction of the Plainfield Township Highway Department. This makes it confusing for some residents who are trying to get information and service. If you have questions, please call 815-436-6090. Your questions will be handled, or you will be directed to the proper State, County, local City or Village agency that is responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation in our Branch Pickup Program.

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